Engineering & Design

ZLS Consulting specializes in engineering and design consulting for various industries, including for residential and commercial, petrochemical, industrial and environmental, and utilities. Our available team of engineers and designers has over 150 years of combined experience in the utility industry alone.

Our team has been involved in thousands of substation projects from 12kV to 500kV. These projects include substation upgrades, expansions and modifications, new ground up substation engineering and design, customer substation and interconnection facilities, and overhead to underground transition stations.

The company’s founder and principal has been involved in hundreds (if not thousands) of projects, ranging from power generation, transmission and substation projects for major utilities, large scale petrochemical projects for refineries, to heavy industry and environmental projects, including for major process / engineered equipment, including thermal oxidizers, heat exchangers, industrial heaters / furnaces and stacks.

In addition to the wealth of experience that the company’s principal brings to the table, our entire team is highly qualified and experienced  in various industries and can deliver results on any project. Our company’s engineering manager has over 20 years experience in utility power generation and substation and related facilities. He has been directly involved in hundreds of engineering and design projects from 12kV to 500kV for major utilities, including Southern California Edison. His wealth of experience in this highly specialized field plays a major role in the development of the entire team.

Although we are highly specialized in the utility sector, our team’s experience goes beyond utilities. Our team has extensive experience in other industries as well, including petrochemical, environmental, residential and commercial engineering and design.

With such a high level of service that our entire team provides, rest assured that we can deliver the highest quality and most cost effective solutions to all your project needs. Please contact us to find it how we can provide the best in engineering and design services.

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