ZLS Consulting is an engineering consulting firm located in Brea, CA. The company specializes in engineering and design across various industries and multiple disciplines. Our team is highly experienced in engineering and design, including highly specialized areas such as power generation, and transmission and substation engineering/design for the utility industry.

The company’s principal is a professional engineer who has been providing engineering/design consulting services in various industries across the United States. His tenure as a principal for a prime supplier for a major utility in California for over 25 years, has set the ground work for the company’s vision.

ZLS Consulting was created with a vision to provide the highest quality and most cost effective solutions to not only specialized and niche industries, but to to the general public as well. We believe that by providing the highest quality and most cost effective pricing to everyone, we can offer a service that would be unrivaled in the industry.

Let us help you and your team find the highest quality and most cost effective solutions to all your engineering and design needs.

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